Sunday, March 17, 2013

Art: Julie With Vertical Lines.

Julie With Vertical Lines (Ink on Borden & Riley #234 paper, 3 x 7.5").

I applied the Speedball Super Black India ink using a Hunt #102 pen nib.  I've been playing around with different methods of rendering, and wanted to try using only vertical lines to see how it worked.  Generally, I'm pleased.  It's a proof of concept piece.  There were some lessons learned from this experiment.... The lines must be clean, straight, and spaced well.  It's easy to get value change by varying the density, but be careful to not get so dense that it becomes an ink blob.  This blob creates a distraction. The design is better if dark shapes can be grouped together using a continuous line drawn through both shapes, but avoid very long, continuous lines as they tend to flatten the edges.  I also should have added a little kink to her left arm.  While I like that the straightness of the arm creates contrast with the curves, the vertical ink lines emphasize the straightness of the arm too much.  Bending her elbow slightly would have created an interesting and welcome angle.

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