Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Portrait Painting Class, Week 9.

Week 9 of my portrait painting class... painted from a live model... Chris (oil on canvas, 9x12")....

The model posed for 20 minute sessions, with a short break in between. I took a photo at the end of each 20 minute period.

1st 20 minute session. I drew in the basic elements using transparent maroon paint thinned with turpentine.

2nd 20 minute session. I established a background and blocked in my darker areas.

3rd 20 minute session. I started "tiling" in the larger areas.

4th 20 minute session. My goal for this session was to get the entire canvas covered.

5th 20 minute session. Fine tuning shapes and values. Adding details and nuance.

6th 20 minute session. Added "flair" as my instructor, Meadow, dubbed the process. She helped me with this stage.

Last 20 minute session. Added final touches.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Portrait Painting Class, Week 8.

Week 8 of my portrait painting class... painted from a live model... Taysia (oil on canvas, 9x12")....

Here's my painting at the end of the drawing stage and start of the painting phase.

My instructor, Meadow, helped me fix the edges on my cheek (I had too many colors and details there) and added nuance to the eyes and nose. My drawing and shapes have been good -- I'm at the point where I need to negotiate with nuance and subtlety. It just takes some reps.