Sunday, July 15, 2012

Now... With Backgrounds.

Experimented with adding backgrounds to the previous drawings...

Julie With Rectangles (Watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and ProWhite on illustration board).  A little homage to Klimt.  It doesn't show up well in the photo, but I used metallic paint so it flickers in the light.  Originally I had inked the creases of her dress with a nib and lots of directional lines but it created an odd pattern that didn't work so I covered it with a simple gouache rendering.

Cori (Watercolor, gouache, colored pencils, acrylic ink, and spray paint on illustration board).  Had some interesting times with this one.  I kept covering the surface with different materials (gouache, oil pastels, ink, etc.) and scrubbing them out.  This final version is blue acrylic ink as the background base.  I then covered it with white spray paint and scraped out parts to reveal the blue underneath.  I like the textutre and random patterns.

Kate (Watercolor and ink on illustration board).   I went with a simple background.

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