Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Open Relationship.

I talked with my girlfriend, Salma Hayek, and asked her if I could see other women. She said yes.

This is good.

Because now I can continue my romance with songstress, Regina Spektor. I mentioned my infatuation with her in an earlier journal entry, but with the release of her new album a few weeks ago, it has blossomed into a full-on love affair. In addition to songs I listed previously, give a listen to my new favorites: Sampson, Hotel Song, and That Time.

Now don't get jealous, Debbie Gibson. I still can't shake your love.

Local band, Yovee, has recently released their music catalog on iTunes.

This is good.

I play Intimate Controversy and City Strollin on a constant loop. Give a listen to IC on headphones. I like the way it was mixed. If I'm sitting on a hillside, overlooking the ocean, pondering places I've been to and those I still long to go, these are the songs I want playing.

With the arrival of the heat wave, I have found an actual use for the mint that grows in my mini-garden: iced tea with a not-so-little touch of mint.

This is good.

Because my mint plants were out of control and my balcony started to resemble the outfield of Wrigley Field.

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone they recommended KEXP's podcast in their music review section.

This is not so good.

I made this recommendation over a month ago in my journal. Damn it people – why must I always be the musical Nostradamus? How much longer can I carry you on my backs? Being a trendsetter leaves me absolutely exhausted and dehydrated. And I can't afford this drain due to the intense heat and the fact that I need to conserve my energy for the gym where I shape the earth with my massive biceps. C'mon people. I need all of you to pick up the slack and let me know about cool music earlier.

I'm fatigued from typing this. I really need an intern.

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