Sunday, April 29, 2012

Art School: Cori.

Cori (Oil on canvas board, 9x12").  Painted in a little over 2 hours from a live model.

A new term of school has begun and I'm taking a portrait painting class with varied lighting.  The model was lit with two lights -- one from the side and another from top.  This term I want to focus on nuance and spontaneity.  The nice thing about a three hour class is that it forces you to persevere.  I hit several awkward points in this painting where I said to myself, "This isn't going to work out."  Had I been alone in my studio I may have likely scrubbed out the entire painting.  But I kept marching on, worked through the awkward bits, and achieved a result I am pleased with.  I got a decent likeness.  Many thanks to my instructor, Jeff Watts, for his help.

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