Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Happened When I Forgot My Sketchbook.

I ordered art supplies that arrived yesterday and was excited to try them out during my morning coffee shop drawing tradition.  I packed my new 24-color Pelikan opaque watercolor set along with a beautiful new size 16, synthetic sable-haired brush.  I arrived at the coffee shop, opened my bag, and realized that I forgot my sketchbook.  Ugh.  Being resourceful I grabbed the local San Diego CityBeat magazine and opened it up.  I busted out the pen and started drawing.  There was something liberating and spontaneous about rendering on the newsprint.  I also enjoyed negotiating with the existing type and advertisements.  A good experience.

Raven Skull (Ball-point pen, marker, and watercolor on newsprint, 10x8.5").

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Greyseal said...

I do some of my best stuff on the crappiest paper. I know EXACTLY what you mean. There has to be a way to bottle this liberation you mention.