Saturday, June 04, 2011

Art School: Last Two Weeks.

Here are the results from the last two weeks of my portrait painting class at Watts, again conducted under the expert tutelage of my instructor, Ben Young.

Jonah (Oil on canvas board, 9x12").  Painted from live model in around two hours.  This pose had two light sources (one from the top left and another from the right).  These last two weeks I've started a new approach -- laying in thicker and looser tiles -- worrying more about temperature (warm vs cool) than absolute color.  Our model didn't show up, so one of my peers modeled for us.  He did a great job.  Being on the other side of the easel can be a challenge.

Brian (Oil on canvas board, 9x12"). Painted from live model in around 2 1/2 hours.  I kept trying to get the back of the turban to read in short-hand using quick and loose brushstrokes, but unsatisfied with the results, kept wiping it out.  Eventually, I just ran out of time.

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