Saturday, February 12, 2011

But None Could Match The Beauty Of His Own Hand*

(* Seinfeld reference)

When armed with a sketchbook and confined to a space, the dire search for subject matter often leaves me with my default subject. My right hand. Wait, that doesn't sound quite right. Hmmm. Let me show you pictures. Damn. Not much better. Onwards....

All drawings were done in a 5x8" Moleskine sketchbook.

Jury lounge this past Thursday. Pencil.

Restaurant waiting for lunch. Pen.


Sitting on the concrete boardwalk wall, feeling introspective. Pen and Ink.

Airplane. Pencil.

Airplane. Pen.

As an aside, the latest Cold War Kids album is fantastic. I've been listening to it and Broken Social Scene's latest, Forgiveness Rock Record, on a loop.

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