Monday, February 05, 2007

Because I Heard That Real Estate Was A Great Investment.

I just purchased a four bedroom, two bathroom house. It needs paint, but the fireplace makes it cozy.

Okay -- so maybe it lacks landscaping, plumbing, or full height walls, but how many houses can boast of a detachable roof?

I love architecture. It pulls from so many areas that I find engaging. It incorporates art, design, aesthetics, construction, problem solving, the visual, and grand scale.

It was a career choice I pondered. But that dream evaporated when I took a drafting class in junior high school and realized that 90% of drafting involved tedious tasks, like penciling electrical outlets every eighteen scale inches and marking rain gutters. I don't do well with tedious endeavors.

But sometimes -- like George Costanza -- I'll just lie and say I'm an architect at parties. Same same.

I took an architectural boat tour along the Chicago River that rocked more than anything can rock. Aaaahh... water, bridges, and architecture.... throw in some beer and casual nudity and it would have been perfect.

For architectural foreplay, the boat tour was preceded by a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago (my favorite art museum in the world) and a tour of their architecture collection. It housed so many amazing drawings and models. I can't begin to describe how fascinated I am by those little models. I'd like to build them myself but I would require a team of interns to do all of the tedious things like cutting, gluing, painting thousands of tiny windows, building diminutive balconies, planting fake teeny trees... well... I guess doing just about everything.

For now, I'll settle on buying them... if I could only find out where. I have no idea how to locate those miniature marvels. I bought the balsa wood house on ebay. It was an architectural project constructed by a student in 1961. But there weren't any other related items revealed by my search.

Eventually my goal is to acquire an entire city so I could be mayor and boss around tiny fake people while charging exorbitant rents. Although I don't know where I'd store the models. I'd need to buy a real house to hold my fake city.

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