Sunday, February 06, 2005

I believe that my dollar has power.

I try to be a conscientious shopper by supporting causes I believe in and withholding money from those I don’t.

I buy local when I can. I’ll pick up a book at an independent bookstore. I support San Diego artists by purchasing the artwork they display in coffee shops and street fairs. I watch beginning musicians perform at small venues and I’ll grab their self-produced album when available. I travel to the farmer’s market to support regional farmers and ranchers. I boycott large companies that donate predominantly to Republican campaigns. I try to look out for the little guy.

With all that being said, I continued this trend by recently buying organic coffee with a TFC label attached. TFC means Trade Fair Coffee and indicates that the growers were paid fair wages and treated well.

After sampling this coffee I’m led to the following belief: pesticides, oppression, and greed are what give coffee its flavor because organic coffee tastes like crap. It’s bland as all hell. Just to make a solid cup of coffee, I’d need a five gallon drum of organic coffee beans laced with airline fuel (for the chemicals).

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