Friday, February 21, 2003

Last week I finished Nick Horby's book, How To Be Good. Thorougly enjoyed it. I became worried a third way into the book, when metaphysical elements entered, and while they were large in plot, they were small in significance. Horby has an astute eye for human behavior and relationships, and is able to articulate these scenes into insightful prose and an entertaining read. Everything comes across as being so honest, and that's the goal of any artform. Being truthful.

On Tuesday (February 18) I went to see Shawn Colvin in concert. Shawn is my favorite singer-songwriter (along with Liz Phair), and it was my first time seeing her play live. I was fourth row center in the cozy East County Performing Arts Center. Incredible show. She's an amazing guitar player and has the best voice in the business. Very powerful. But something I wasn't expecting was how very funny she was. She told great anecdotes and had a wonderful rapport with the audience.

On Thursday (February 20) I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles to see one of my artistic idols, Lucian Freud. I had missed his London exhibit by only a few days when I was there. But his L.A. appearance was his largest collection of artwork on display. Amazing show. One element that doesn't come across in reproductions of his artwork is the amount of texture and layers present on his paintings. Very thick paint that rises in bits across the painting, offering a three dimensional aspect that is not felt in pictures. An inspiring show.

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