Saturday, September 07, 2002

Between the general weather patterns, and rain we received yesterday, it's been very humid in San Diego the past few days. Cambodia humid. Granted, I have never been to Cambodia, so I'm just theorizing. It's starting to become overcast and threatening this afternoon, but earlier this morning it was absolutely beautiful, sans the aforementioned humidity. Went down to the Mission 2 coffee shop on Pacific Beach -- my usual hangout -- and had a coffee and did some writing while watching people fill up the beach. Stopped by the adjacent farmer's market on the way out, picking up some stargazers and sunflowers to fill my apartment with color, lovely scents, and allergic reactions. I'm not big on flower art, but it's fun to do painting renditions of the flowers in my apartment.

After picking up the flowers, I started driving away and felt the steering wheel pull hard. I instantly knew what it was. A flat tire. I pulled to the only open space, in front of a fire hydrant, and changed the tire. It only took ten minutes. I threw on the spare and drove off not knowing where the nearest tire place was. Fortunately, it turned out to be a block away. They patched my tire -- it was a clear nail hole near-middle -- and I was on my way an hour later.

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