Tuesday, February 22, 2005

San Diego has been trapped in that weird weather cycle where we get a few beautiful weekdays only to find our weekends enveloped by rain. We've suffered three consecutive wet weekends, with the verdict still out on this upcoming one. Hopefully we catch a sunny window.

The weather here has been crazy the past month. I've seen more rain. I lived in the Bay Area during El Nino. But much like traffic, weather is relative to locale. For San Diego, we've had an immense amount of rain. I've never seen the city greener. Water has flowed over the local reservoir's dam. Normally dormant flowers have prematurely awakened brilliantly from their slumber. And something that I thought was reserved only for the great expanse ranging from Colorado to Florida reached San Diego. The stupidity to vote for Bush? Nope. A tornado warning.

Despite the whipping winds and rain, I still managed to attend my figure drawing workshop....

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